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Dermalift Microface - Facial Lifting

Non surgical micro-current facial lifting without the use of surgery.

Maximise your salons profits with ease. You provide the clients,

the Dermalift system will do the rest.

Your clients can experience....

Reduced line and wrinkles

Facial muscles lifted and toned

Firmer facial contours

A more youthful appearance

Finer pores due to increased elasticity

Reduced puffiness around the eyes

Fresher improved complexion

Much younger skin texture

Released expression and stress lines

Improved moisture retention

Incorporates Dermafusion treatment range of specialist treatments

ADLA (Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation)

Relax and let the new Dermalift Microface do the work. Now utilising

the latest technology in digital readout microprocessors and easy to

use touch button controls, all ensuring optimum comfort,

performance, and reliability.

Dermalift Microface will successfully lift and tones tired sagging

muscles and reduce lines and wrinkles that form around the eyes,

forehead, mouth, cheeks, neck, and throat area. Improving circulation

and fighting the signs of ageing, resulting in a much improved, more

youthful appearance.

The Microface offers your business a highly profitable system; which

can be used for corrective or preventative treatments. It offers a

number of anti-ageing treatments that will appeal to a wide variety of

clients, both men and women, enabling you to satisfy each and every

clients needs.

Dermalift Microface Profit Projections

Profit Projections Clients £ Day £ Week £ Month £ Year

1 30 150 600 7,200

2 60 300 1,200 14,400

3 90 450 1,800 21,600

Package includes, Dermalift Microface System including

treatment & product station, single/double lifting & mask probes,

1 x energiser & 2 x enhance treatment products (sufficient for 40-45

treatments), selection of technique infusion treatment products, before

& after photographs, 2 x posters, 100 x promotion leaflets, 25 x client

record cards & certificated training.

Lease from only

£19.55 per week*

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